Why blog???

I’ve never had a blog before. It’s not that I do not have the access to computer and internet but I prefer writing journals to a diary. For me, writing my thoughts and secrets to a journal is much better because I can do it wherever and whenever I want. All I needed is a pen and a journal notebook.

But as technology arises, people nowadays can blog wherever and whenever they want to. I mean they now have laptops, e-notebooks and gadgets where they can write their thoughts and feelings electronically. And even before laptops came, anyone can also access the internet and post a blog because internet cafés are sprouting at different places.

By the time when blogging becomes a trend or something, and I even surf the internet almost everyday at school, I still never created a bog.

I still did not find blogging as a way of expressing my feelings. It’s too public. Anyone can access it and read whatever you have written. I am a kind of person who is too private about my writings. It’s not that I am ashamed of how I write but I just don’t want people to see it. I just don’t like it. I don’t know but that’s what I want—for them not to read my writings.

However, I realized that I do have the decision into what I would want to write and what I would want to share to other people. It’s my choice. Of course I can’t write anything that is too personal or private here if I wouldn’t want to. I would still prefer writing it on a journal. Blogging will be just my way of expressing my feelings in a different manner.

If I have time, I would want to update my blog. I do update my journal if I want to but sometimes I feel lazy that and I wont scribble. Anyway, my journal is only found somewhere in our bedroom. It’s only when I remember important happenings for the day or for the week that I write. If only I do bring my journal notebook everyday, then I will be able to update it. Too bad I can’t. Bringing it and writing on it seems to be embarrassing especially when people will see me. They may tease me or whatever. And I don’t want that to happen. I would rather do a blog. This way, nobody will tease me, I suppose. Besides, I am online almost everyday, so why not do a blog then??

For the moment, I want to think of my blog like my journal where I can write my feelings and whatever. Furthermore, I prefer not to tell anyone about my blog so that nobody will be able to access it except me. If ever somebody read this blog, then there’s no way I can stop you. Just don’t spread the url…(winks)

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