Doing it later

There are a lot of things I am thinking that must be accomplished using the computer. Before I sit down and face the monitor, I list those things on my mind in order not to waste my time the moment I start to use the computer–whether for typing or doing research on the internet. The things to be done must be completed before I ended using thecomputer.

However, when I’m already in front of the monitor, the things that I must do are usually postponed because temptations are calling me. I mean I do a lot of browsing first than doing what I planned to accomplish. Like for example, when I’m on the internet, I do not directly go to search engines to have my research. What I frequently do is to open my accounts (yahoomail, friendster, multiply, IM, etc,) and be hooked there longer. I browse to every site I visit, to every friendster profile I encounter and to any websites I want to surf. I also upload pictures from my flash drive to my multiply or download songs and lyrics. By the time I get bored of what I am doing, that would be the time that I start doing my research.

On the other hand, if I’m only using our PC (with no internet connection) to do paperwork or to do something that I want to get done, I found myself playing games, or browsing pictures, or even just listening to music. When I come to realize that I have consumed too much time for unnecessary things, that would be the time that I begin to do my work. What about the output of my work?? Well, it’s frustrating and one can tell that it’s a work of cramming.

Furthermore, my mind will work faster when I cram because I get pressured. I feel lazy doing things when it’s not near the deadline yet. The urge is not coming unto me until I realize that time is running out. I do things later, always later. The outcome of cramming is really not good. I should have done better if I avoid procrastination. Then again, cramming makes me regret the time I wasted that supposed to be the best time to improve my work.

I cannot promise to avoid cramming. But I hope I will do my best to lessen it. After all, I will end up regretting again and again for doing things later.


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