Back to reality

After Christmas vacation begins the continuation of schooling. If we were enjoying the life without the academic pressures during the break, then here we go again back to where we must face reality.

There were times when I got so excited each time there was no class or the teacher announced that there will be no class. I always get delighted because I will be able to rest, go strolling, chat with friends, watch tv shows and other things that takes me out of school life. But when there is a long vacation– Christmas or summer, for instance– I would wish that classes will be back soon. That’s because due to a long vacant time, especially when I do nothing, I really get bored and it only gives me headache. Having something to do, or somewhere to go during vacation is the time when I really enjoy being away of school. Being able to do something productive will make your break even more fun.

Now that the break is over and I’m back to school, academic pressure is all over. And then again, I wish that another break will come out soon. ^___^