the most recent movie i’ve seen



Guess what? It’s Slumdog Millionaire.
After having won 8 awards from its ten nominations for Oscar’s, who else wouldn’t get so curious about the film? I, for instance, got interested about the movie, how the story goes, and how good the actors and actresses were.


Me and my boardmates watched the film last night. It was amazing. The leading actor portrays his character well, and so did the kids who played the young counterpart of the major characters. The story was also realistic in a sense that it captures the real living of the people in slums.


What I really love about this film is the great friendship, and later on the true love of Jamal for Latika. Since they were young, Jamal was always there for her and even when they were apart, he never stopped thinking about rescuing her from the hands of the cruel people who tries to make money out of her. Later on, Latika and Jamal were finally together. Jamal became a millionaire, after having won from the game show Who wants to be a Millionaire.


The saddest part was when Jamal’s brother, Salim, ended his life just to free Latika–for his brother. Indeed, he was a good brother who thought of his younger brother’s happiness. Even though he was a bad guy at some scenes, there was always a part of him that remains good, after all. Everybody who did wrong-doings has always a good reason for it.




3 weeks, almost

After a long time, here I am again placing a post on this blog. I can’t even remember when was the last time I’ve posted an entry here. What I know is that this will be the first time I am blogging again after a long while, so far..

Well, everybody gets lazy, and so do I. I don’t know, but there was a lack of interest from me to blog. I’m not really a blogger, anyway. There would’ve been many posts to be put in here, though, but I guess I couldn’t remember what all of those are. It’s always better to blog about anything when it’s still fresh on your mind, right?

If I’ll have more time for the next few weeks, I would want to catch up placing what I should have writtten for the last few weeks.

Optical illusions*

here are some illusions i posted. hope you’ll like it!


Crazy Illusion



straightorwavylinesDistorted Checkerboard




Chalk painting




straight or wavy lines?



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Having backups of my files is necessary especially those that are important. I have experienced losing some files without any copy of them which made me regret of not making a backup file in the first place.

There was this once when our PC was reformatted. Every single file and document was deleted. I thought I shouldn’t have to worry about it but it turned out that I thought wrong. Not one file was left. Another one was when my 1gigabyte flash drive (the one that I won from a raffle) broke andcannot be repaired anymore. So sad—I only had it for two months.

I do not know how it happened but when I tried to check on it, I couldn’t open it on the computer anymore. Many of the people I consulted said that there is no chance for it work again and it needs to be replaced. All my files were gone.

For me to make sure not to lose files again, I always make sure that I have copies of important files whether in my flash drive, on my email or in the computer at school (exclusive for SVs/SAs). Pictures on soft copy are truly important.

As for me, I regularly upload them on my Multiply or Friendster accounts. Unlike the other files, I’m not worried of mp3s and all other songs and music that are saved in the computer. I can always get a new one anytime. I also have plenty of it on cds. I’m glad to know that flash drives nowadays are affordable. A flash drive is really a great help for anyone since you can store your any file there, a good storage for backups.