3 weeks, almost

After a long time, here I am again placing a post on this blog. I can’t even remember when was the last time I’ve posted an entry here. What I know is that this will be the first time I am blogging again after a long while, so far..

Well, everybody gets lazy, and so do I. I don’t know, but there was a lack of interest from me to blog. I’m not really a blogger, anyway. There would’ve been many posts to be put in here, though, but I guess I couldn’t remember what all of those are. It’s always better to blog about anything when it’s still fresh on your mind, right?

If I’ll have more time for the next few weeks, I would want to catch up placing what I should have writtten for the last few weeks.

busy daw







Having backups of my files is necessary especially those that are important. I have experienced losing some files without any copy of them which made me regret of not making a backup file in the first place.

There was this once when our PC was reformatted. Every single file and document was deleted. I thought I shouldn’t have to worry about it but it turned out that I thought wrong. Not one file was left. Another one was when my 1gigabyte flash drive (the one that I won from a raffle) broke andcannot be repaired anymore. So sad—I only had it for two months.

I do not know how it happened but when I tried to check on it, I couldn’t open it on the computer anymore. Many of the people I consulted said that there is no chance for it work again and it needs to be replaced. All my files were gone.

For me to make sure not to lose files again, I always make sure that I have copies of important files whether in my flash drive, on my email or in the computer at school (exclusive for SVs/SAs). Pictures on soft copy are truly important.

As for me, I regularly upload them on my Multiply or Friendster accounts. Unlike the other files, I’m not worried of mp3s and all other songs and music that are saved in the computer. I can always get a new one anytime. I also have plenty of it on cds. I’m glad to know that flash drives nowadays are affordable. A flash drive is really a great help for anyone since you can store your any file there, a good storage for backups.



soccer training

It was early in the morning and my boardmates woke me up while I was on my sound sleep. I usually wake up late because oversleeping is my habit. “Karla, mag-practice ka?”, asked one of my boardmates. The temperature was too cool and going back to sleep was my option. But then again, i forced myself to stay awake, knowing that i swore yesterday that i would go to the training, and i remembered that i haven’t gone to practice last week. Finally, i replied in a sleepy manner, “o..”.

Before totally getting up, i did a few stretching on bed. it is good for the muscles since it prepares you for a stressful training. then, i quickly fixed myself–removed my morning stars, washed my face, brushed my teeth, changed sports attire (shorts and shirt), and wore the socks and shoes.

Then, we headed to the soccer field, being aware that we might be scolded if we were up so late. the call time is supposedly 6 o’clock am, yet we left the boarding house delayed. I, with my boardmates, gecel, april and bilbs, ran on the way. i paused for a while, putting on my shin guards, and caught up with them.

fortunately, nobody was there yet, except for one teammate. after quite some time, other teammates arrived, one after another. The field was wet since it rained last night. The shoes i was wearing  got even moister because it wasn’t dried up fully after the rainy practice last Monday. We first had a warm up exercise. Before going on to the proper training, we played bahaway or cold rice (joke sa among trainor,harhar) while still waiting for the other teammates to come.

Being aware that nobody else will arrive already, the proper training started. To have a better endurance, we were told to hop between the cones, jog, sprint, etc. That is for us to be able to stand pain and fatigue to last or remain in the game. It was exhausting– I sweated a lot and I was catching my breathing–, but it was worth it because after that, the team was divided into two and the game began.

Game, game, game… (long story na). The important thing is that my team won over the other (3-2). I was glad because I contributed to the number of goals we had won. Yehey! hehe.. After that, cool down. Then went back to the boarding house with a feeling of satisfaction and fun. My effort of waking up early was worth it.

only a few seconds



Ugh! only for a moment but it was great! I mean, who would have thought that it was just for a while, yet it made me feel something like–I don’t know. And I’ve been thinking of it since then..I don’t know how long it will last but I’m sure this day I remembered one thing. Ooops. oh no.. I’m not writing it here. Better keep it private.



Student Assistant Work Schedule



University of the Philippines Mindanao

Interactive Learning Center(ILC)


Student Assistant Work Schedule

Second Semester, AY 2008-2009







1:00-5:00 pm

  • Assists/Facilitates the use of computer facilities by the faculty and students

  • Ensure that all information needed in the logging in and out are properly filled-up

  • Assist borrowers of the instructional materials, equipment and facilities

  • Log all reservations of rooms and equipments

  • Do office errands for the faculty such as sending documents for the various offices

  • Assist in the maintenance of the office and of the computer rooms




1:00-2:30 pm

4:00-5:00 pm





Prepared by:


ILC Staff


Approved by:


ILC Director






University of the Philippines in Mindanao

Interactive Learning Center




For the Month of ________


Assisted students’ queries at the counter

Collected payments of computer usage and/or printing services from the users, particularly the students

Updated the accounts and payment of the students for their use of internet and computer

Ensured that all information needed in logging in and out of the computer are listed properly, including the amount paid and received

Assisted/Facilitated the use of computer facilities by the students

Edited students’ files using Open Office program from ILC/LRC computers for printing if needed

Assisted/Facilitated the borrowing/use of ILC facilities and equipment

Received/Brought documents and other materials from ILC to the Administration and CSM building, and vice versa, as needed

Performed other related duties as required by the ILC staff



Prepared by:

Karla Joanna D. Juanillo

Student Assistant



Approved by:

Prof.                            .

OIC – Director, ILC


I’ve got nothing to hide

Just yesterday, as I was using the computer in the LRC counter, I wondered why on earth the url of my blog appeared on the address bar of the internet browser. Nobody should know it since I never told anybody, though some people had a quick glance at it. But I never really thought that they’d know.


Of course, I am aware that once you have a blog, expect that it is for public. Yet, I would have wanted to keep it all by myself, not to tell anyone about my url. It would have been better if they found it out accidentally. People gets curious, I know.

I confirmed that my boardmates already knew my url sometime yesterday afternoon. Almost all of them knows each other’s blog sites, but I never shared mine until yesterday. It’s not that I don’t like other people to have access on it, I just don’t like them to. That’s just it.


Anyway, since a number of people knows it at all, then I guess I won’t be reading my blog alone anymore. I was’t really angry that time. I was really upset at first though, but later on, I have gotten over it. And

as usual, I will still be posting entries here.

not even half


I had a lot of time to do the things that I needed to do just this weekend. I even made a things-to-do list to guide me and for me not to forget important things. I listed it on Friday, hoping that I would cooperate for my own benefit.

Unfortunately, everything is subject to change. Like what I usually am, I was too lazy to check my list. Besides, there were other things I have done, not only stress-free but things that made me feel relaxed and enjoyable. The time I was supposed to re-write my notes, I just watched a movie on DVD. For about 4 hours last Saturday afternoon, I only watched football game and went bonding with friends.


There were still other minor tasks that I wasn’t able to do because I spent time doing other things instead. I didn’t regret it though. I know that even if I only accomplished not even half of my to-do-list, I’m glad that I was able to enjoy my weekend.