Christmas break is over

hello! It’s been a long break. Unfortunately, today starts the end. Tomorrow will be another start of the school life.

My holiday had been great, except for the first few days because it has been really boring. I stayed in my lola’s house and made nothing productive. Indeed, 2118768362_eb6db66763I made weight again doing nothing but sleeping, eating and TV marathon. Good thing fun started from Christmas day onwards. I’ve been out of the house and I felt like I was free from being jailed. I was able to meet some of my relatives on my mother’s side. We went to a beach and I finally was able to enjoy swimming in the sea¬† after, I think, almost a year. I missed the taste of salty water when smimming. I mean, I’ve been swimming a few times in pools but not in the sea. Moreover, the New Year is again not that loud and noisy because there was no fireworks.

But then again being with my family made my break a meaningful one. Of course, nothing will make my life at its best without the presence of our Savior, Jesus Christ. He is the reason for all the happiness we experience.

It’s Christmas Break


I’m glad that classes already ended for the Christmas break. I have not yet been pressured academically for this semester, but I know that after the break, for sure, everything will get me pressured. Exams will come one after another, requirements will simultaneously be given by our instructors, reporting will be assigned, and a lot of papers need to be submitted. Whew.

For the moment, I am enjoying my free days–being at the ILC for my duty as a student assistant and at the same time availing my free use of internet here at the counter while assisting some students for printing their files. And since I am facing the computer, I am on-line most of the time. I do entries for my blogs, though not everyday.

Most of the students in UP Min are now in their hometowns. I chose to stay here for a while to have an additional hours of work coz I only get paid if I worked for a certain number of hours. One more thing is that I don’t have plans of going to my hometown. Besides, my family will be spending the rest of the season in Davao. We’ve been celebrating Christmas in Davao ever since I’m younger. Our relatives mainly resides here, by the way.

Lastly, I want to consume what I’ve paid for my rental. It costs Php 700.00, therefore I must not be on a hurry to leave. I mean, I have to use electricity and water to satisfy what I paid. My landlady is cruel, really. I really dislike her. She’s such a dragon.