soccer training

It was early in the morning and my boardmates woke me up while I was on my sound sleep. I usually wake up late because oversleeping is my habit. “Karla, mag-practice ka?”, asked one of my boardmates. The temperature was too cool and going back to sleep was my option. But then again, i forced myself to stay awake, knowing that i swore yesterday that i would go to the training, and i remembered that i haven’t gone to practice last week. Finally, i replied in a sleepy manner, “o..”.

Before totally getting up, i did a few stretching on bed. it is good for the muscles since it prepares you for a stressful training. then, i quickly fixed myself–removed my morning stars, washed my face, brushed my teeth, changed sports attire (shorts and shirt), and wore the socks and shoes.

Then, we headed to the soccer field, being aware that we might be scolded if we were up so late. the call time is supposedly 6 o’clock am, yet we left the boarding house delayed. I, with my boardmates, gecel, april and bilbs, ran on the way. i paused for a while, putting on my shin guards, and caught up with them.

fortunately, nobody was there yet, except for one teammate. after quite some time, other teammates arrived, one after another. The field was wet since it rained last night. The shoes i was wearing  got even moister because it wasn’t dried up fully after the rainy practice last Monday. We first had a warm up exercise. Before going on to the proper training, we played bahaway or cold rice (joke sa among trainor,harhar) while still waiting for the other teammates to come.

Being aware that nobody else will arrive already, the proper training started. To have a better endurance, we were told to hop between the cones, jog, sprint, etc. That is for us to be able to stand pain and fatigue to last or remain in the game. It was exhausting– I sweated a lot and I was catching my breathing–, but it was worth it because after that, the team was divided into two and the game began.

Game, game, game… (long story na). The important thing is that my team won over the other (3-2). I was glad because I contributed to the number of goals we had won. Yehey! hehe.. After that, cool down. Then went back to the boarding house with a feeling of satisfaction and fun. My effort of waking up early was worth it.