I’ve got nothing to hide

Just yesterday, as I was using the computer in the LRC counter, I wondered why on earth the url of my blog appeared on the address bar of the internet browser. Nobody should know it since I never told anybody, though some people had a quick glance at it. But I never really thought that they’d know.


Of course, I am aware that once you have a blog, expect that it is for public. Yet, I would have wanted to keep it all by myself, not to tell anyone about my url. It would have been better if they found it out accidentally. People gets curious, I know.

I confirmed that my boardmates already knew my url sometime yesterday afternoon. Almost all of them knows each other’s blog sites, but I never shared mine until yesterday. It’s not that I don’t like other people to have access on it, I just don’t like them to. That’s just it.


Anyway, since a number of people knows it at all, then I guess I won’t be reading my blog alone anymore. I was’t really angry that time. I was really upset at first though, but later on, I have gotten over it. And

as usual, I will still be posting entries here.

Christmas break is over

hello! It’s been a long break. Unfortunately, today starts the end. Tomorrow will be another start of the school life.

My holiday had been great, except for the first few days because it has been really boring. I stayed in my lola’s house and made nothing productive. Indeed, 2118768362_eb6db66763I made weight again doing nothing but sleeping, eating and TV marathon. Good thing fun started from Christmas day onwards. I’ve been out of the house and I felt like I was free from being jailed. I was able to meet some of my relatives on my mother’s side. We went to a beach and I finally was able to enjoy swimming in the sea¬† after, I think, almost a year. I missed the taste of salty water when smimming. I mean, I’ve been swimming a few times in pools but not in the sea. Moreover, the New Year is again not that loud and noisy because there was no fireworks.

But then again being with my family made my break a meaningful one. Of course, nothing will make my life at its best without the presence of our Savior, Jesus Christ. He is the reason for all the happiness we experience.